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Latest Posts Boxes

Many Elements To Choose From With Many Customization Options

  • September -2015/Custom Cable,Braiding

    – News and Events – During the month of September we are monitoring the new development of our new software. Introducing Barcoding to all shop work orders is in discovery phase. Giving our customers exact live tracking on there jobs remains a top priority. Inc...

  • August Post -2015/Custom Cable, PFA

    – Update for California Insulated Wire & Cable for the month of August 2015. – No New Events in the month of August. – Product/Material information of the month. – PFA Insulation. PFA is a excellent choice for high temperature applications. PFA insulation ...

  • July Post 7-31-15 /Custom Cable, MIL-R-6855

    – Information about California Insulated. – Specializing in Wire & Cable since 1978, California Insulated Wire & Cable has been a leading manufacture in wire and cable. Custom Built cables is an area where we strive in helping our customers develop a p...

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