Quality is never Compromised.

Why California Insulated Wire & Cable

  • Serving the Wire and Cable Industry for over 31 years.
  • California Insulated uses only all virgin materials within our company.
  • California Insulated has a 48,000 sq Ft. building and operates 24 hrs a day.
  • We believe that building a relationship and great customer service is our true foundation to our success.

Markets Served

  • Geophysical Market
  • Military-Aerospace
  • Medical
  • High Performance Audio
  • Marine, Automotive
  • Communications Applications
  • Electronics
  • Repetitive Motion Equipment, Robotics.

With over 31 years in Business California Insulated has served to every field in and out of the United States.


We take pride in quality control and customer service. Below are forms from new account applications, to employment opportunities and quality control info.

Welcome to California Insulated Wire & Cable

At California Insulated we specialize not only delivering great customer care, but the knowledge and experience to make your ideas turn into reality. Weather its building MIL-27500 cables or our wide range of services or just simply creating a custom cable, California Insulated wire does it all. Since 1978 California Insulated has made it our goal to assist in design and produce products that exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. From Twisting to Shielding, Striping to Jacketing of FEP, TFE, Polyurethane and much more our ability’s are endless. Contact someone from our sales team and let them help you get started today.Want to know if your order is in production? Our 48,000 Sq ft building and our 24 hr staff can assure you that while you may be sleeping your products keep moving.

Tracking your order? We have now made it easy. Click tracking your order is just a click away! from the homepage. And type in the tracking number provided by one of our staff members and in seconds find when your order is set to hit your dock.Start designing your cable Today! We have now made it easy by clicking the tab at the top of our page “Cable Designer” chose the number of Conductors, Shield, Jacket and any special requirements you may need. And someone from our sales team will get you the prices and lead times and any information you may need. We thank for your interest and look forward to having a working relationship with your company.