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July Post 7-31-15 /Custom Cable, MIL-R-6855

15 Jun July Post 7-31-15 /Custom Cable, MIL-R-6855

– Information about California Insulated.

– Specializing in Wire & Cable since 1978, California Insulated Wire & Cable has been a leading manufacture in wire and cable.

Custom Built cables is an area where we strive in helping our customers develop a product that will meet there requirements and perform at optimum levels with durability and performance. With over 35 years of experience our customers trust our team to guide them in the direction in creating a final product that goes beyond what they expected.

– Update for California Insulated Wire & Cable for the month of July 2015.

– our Team at California Insulated is in final production to proceed with http://www.xivic.com/ our developer that is taking our day to day operation and recreating how we do business on a daily basis. We hope to be fully developed by January 1,2016. Our goals with this program started about 9 months ago with the mindset that how we do business with our current and future customers that should be one that both our employee’s and customers are able to achieve quick and accurate information on any pending quote, pending order, order in shop location, and plenty more with our robust system, we are all confident that this is a huge step forward making sure we are staying ahead of the curve. We are excited to see this vision is starting to become reality.
– Product/Material Information of the month.

MIL-R-6855 – Also known as Neoprene Rubber.

– Neoprene Rubber is a great oil Resistant Jacket option, one that is very popular when choosing a finished Overall jacket that will be put to the test in rigorous conditions while still maintaining flexibility. At California Insulated Wire and cable we offer many Styles, Grades, and lengths. We Pneumatically apply these style jackets which becomes an issue for most companies due to lengths being a factor. 250 ft lengths being the typical length requirements we have the ability to go up to 500 FT 1 continuous length. to view more about MIL-R-6855 See below for Product Specification.

Download PDF Here: MIL-R-6855 spec

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